Happy National English Toffee Day!

When I saw this National Day listing, I had to ask myself: what the hell is English Toffee?  Does it differ from regular toffee in some way - some English way?  (Like, is there fish in it?)  The answer seems to be a) no, it is not particularly English, and b) it is just candy pretty much made of equal parts butter and sugar and often coated in chocolate.  YUMS.

Now, I'm a girl who does not like making candy.  Thermometer what??  Not my style.  And sadly, I've not found any vegan toffee in these parts.  Candy made predominately of butter tends to be somewhat difficult to find in vegan versions - especially when you have recipes advising *not* to sub margarine because you'll "lose essential flavor."  What the heck ever y'all.  Plants have plenty of flavor, I promise.  Lucky for us, we have... the internets!  Which quickly revealed to me this beautiful option of bulk Vegan English Toffee.  Internets FTW!

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