Also, Happy King's Day!!

Yes, today is King's Day!  And in case you didn't know, that means it's the official start of the Mardi Gras season.  All across New Orleans, people are switching out Christmas trees for colorful beads and masks.

And they're enjoying King Cake!  Later I'll show you the king cakes I make at home, but for now be appeased that you can purchase vegan king cakes at Whole Foods (beginning next weekend), and at the PeaceBaker in Metairie.  If you're out toward the Bywater, the PeaceBaker's cakes are available at the New Orleans Food Co-Op, and Shake Sugaree is also making vegan king cakes.  So enjoy!

UPDATE: Breads on Oak, your fabulous source for vegan croissants and other delish vegan pastries, is also making vegan king cakes this year!!

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