Happy Saturday New Orleans Vegans!

Jonathan and I have had a lovely morning tooling around the city. After a quick stop at the Bean Gallery, we headed to Hollygrove Farm and Market. We decided to go for the big haul: that is, "the box." This week's box contained okra, corn, grits, apples, a variety of peppers, shiitakes, raw peanuts, mixed herbs, micro greens, and muscadine grapes. Challenging!

This has left me with one big question: what to do with raw peanuts? Answer: boil them. In water, with salt. For a long time. Zataran's, here I come! Not sure what we'll do with the rest... maybe the okra will get cooked with the peppers. Corn could get cooked (briefly) with the peanuts, apples and grapes are easy, greens will go to the bunnies most likely, and perhaps some peppery smoky grits? This just leaves the shiitakes. Which I love, so I doubt it will be a problem!

While at Hollygrove, we inquired about composting. I've always said I'd do it once I have a yard. Well, I don't have a yard but I have a back patio! So I'm going to call close enough. Hollygrove sells large barrels for composting, and a woman there named Alyssa seems to be very knowledgeable in their use. With just a little more research (and an empty car to get the barrel home in ), I feel I'll be on my way to composting at home!

Next we headed down to Breads on Oak. Lured by the promise of vegan croissants, we were excited to find a huge variety of vegan pastries available. What a revelation! It is practically a vegan bakery, with very few non-vegan options. Baker Sean O'Mahony creates artisanal breads (including today's croissants), most of which are vegan, while Chamain O'Mahony creates an impressive array of vegan muffins, cakes, and breads. We did in fact eat two vegan croissants right then and there... and then got two more to take home. We've got plans for brunch at home tomorrow morning! The only drawback is that the beautiful space is only open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Now for a long afternoon of cooking locally grown produce!


  1. Oy. Something went crazy with my html the first time I posted this and half of the blog was gone! Sorry if it hasn't made any sense for the past week... :-/

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