Tell the Prez to make it happen.

The FDA's Food Safety Modernization Act was signed into law well over a year ago, yet somehow no action has been taken on its provisions. Want to do something about it? Make Our Food Safe (.org) has given us an easy way to send a letter to the Prez - you can even personalize it.


Talking about SNAP

The Farm Bill that is currently winding its way through congress may put SNAP, otherwise known as the food stamp program, in grave danger. While the senate version of the bill proposes to cut $4 billion from the program, the version approved by the House in July wants to cut a whopping $16 billion. (The House version contains a multitude of other problems as well.)

This is an important issue to everyone in the country, given that having more members of the community who are food-insecure benefits no one. Locally, consider that over 300,000 Louisiana citizens currently receive this assistance - including 22% of adults and 49% of children in New Orleans as of 2010. Check out Marion Nestle's new post on the issue, and a new report just issued about how to improve the nutritional quality of food sold through SNAP.


Vegan Ice Cream Day: it's coming!

As a rousing follow-up to the ever-popular and rousingly successful Vegan Pizza Day, we now have Vegan Ice Cream Day! To be celebrated for what I believe to be the very first time this Sunday, July 8, we in New Orleans are racking our brains to come up with anywhere and everywhere that icy treats are available. So far, we know that these shops make or carry sorbets and Italian ices:
  • Brocato's
  • Creole Creamery
  • La Dolce Nola
  • La Divina Gelateria (with their signature sorbetti)

(Update: we had previously reported that Tutti Fruti in Metairie offered soy frozen yogurt. While as a company they are offering this product, it is not yet available at the Metairie location and no roll-out is yet planned.)

Of note: The Wandering Buddha, the only all-vegan restaurant in town, makes vegan ice creams and sorbets daily! Stop by on Sunday evening for dinner and a few scoops. UPDATE: The Wandering Buddha will actually be hosting an event on Sunday, wherein they will be offering six kinds of vegan ice creams! RSVP here.

Of course wherever you are you can always stop by the grocery to pick up one of the many amazing brands of vegan ice cream available these days, including Tofutti, So Delicious, Purely Decadent, and Larry & Luna's Coconut Bliss.

The truly brave may even make their own ice cream!

Know more? Let us know!


Vegan Drinks New Orleans: it's been almost a year!

It's hard to believe that last July we were gearing up for the very first Vegan Drinks New Orleans. It seems like decades ago - and like yesterday. And we are so excited to celebrate our first anniversary! We are aiming for the last week of July, and will do our darndest to have it on a weekend. If all goes according to plan there will be a benefit raffle, extra-special vegan specials, and more. The details are still being worked out, so stay posted!