St. Patrick's Day for Vegans in New Orleans

More parades, really! It's time for St. Patrick's Day in New Orleans.

You'd think that we would be sick of parades by now after all that Mardi Gras mess, but apparently that is physically impossible for New Orleanians. We dive right back in with St. Pat's parades in Metairie and New Orleans, followed up by the Irish-Italian parade.

And really, I love St. Patrick's Day in New Orleans. Everyone wears GREEN, and it also just happens to be my veganniversary. This year I celebrate my sixth! So, how does a vegan celebrate St. Patrick's day in New Orleans?

Well I'll start out with vegan brunch at Santa Fe Tapas on St. Charles ave - I don't know the menu for next week, but they have yet to disappoint. Then we can head over to the Irish Channel St. Patrick's Day Parade, which makes a box from Jackson to St. Charles to Louisiana to Magazine Street. I'm probably not brave enough to continue to the after-party at Parasol's, but if I'm lucky I'll catch a cabbage!

The truly dedicated will hit the Downtown Irish Club parade in the bywater starting at 6pm, but by then I'll be home in bed. ;)

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