Purple, Gold, and GREEN!!

Three cheers for Mardi Gras! Here in the crescent city we love carnival. Personally, I celebrate by baking a (vegan) king cake, hitting a few parades, and having a great time with friends and strangers alike. And what's great is that even during this festival of excess, we can keep our ecological heads on straight.
  • Santa Fe Tapas continues to host its Saturday Jazz Brunch right on through parade season, and is offering vegan lunch and dinner options as well for St. Charles paradegoers as well.
  • Wandering Buddha (Hi-Ho Lounge) and O! Vegasm (St. Roch Tavern) keep going strong with nightly all-vegan offerings.
  • The thrill is in the catch, but then what to do with all those plastic beads? The Arc of Greater New Orleans provides several bead recycling locations in New Orleans, Metairie, and the Westbank, and they can be dropped off in the bin at the uptown Whole Foods as well. And don't forget to take your refuse and recyclables (ahem, those new Abita beer cans?) home with you from the neutral ground!
  • You've already missed the Verdi Gras ball, but hopefully the group will grow. Check out VerdiGras.org and send your questions to info@verdigras.org for more information.
  • Also, be on the lookout for the Louisiana Bucket Brigade in Saturday night's Chewbacchus parade!
Have fun, be safe, happy Mardi Gras!!


  1. I am going to have to see this to believe it. I still can't believe there are vegan restaurants in New Orleans!

  2. By all means come see it! Both of them are right at home inside oldschool Nola bars, if that makes it any more believable. ;) The next Vegan Drinks is on Wednesday Feb 29th at Wandering Buddha (at the Hi-Ho Lounge) - come check it out!


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