Vegan Brunch in New Orleans: Options Abound!

As the weather cools down, the vegan brunch scene in New Orleans is heating up! There are now three - count them, THREE - regular vegan brunches occurring across the Nola metro area. The region's veg*ns can now choose which brunch to attend based on day, neighborhood preference, or food style - or shoot the works and hit two or even three brunches in one weekend!

John Morales of O! Vegasm started the Vegan Brunch craze in New Orleans early last summer, with his weekly brunches at Grit's Bar. He has since moved on to serving up dinner five nights a week at St. Roch Tavern, but keeps the Sunday Brunch candle lit as well. Bywater and Marigny residents, as well as fans of scrambles and truly delicious pancakes, regularly rejoice for this new Sunday option.

Amie Havens of Magazine Street's Superfood Bar has taken up the Grit's Brunch torch and given it a touch of class, incorporating menu items such as individually spun servings of (you'd never know that it's) raw vegan ice cream and elegant reinterpretations of simple foods like beans and rice. Uptowners and fans of healthier fare masking as something sinful will enjoy the love Amie delivers on each plate.

As the newest arrival on the scene, Santa Fe Tapas provides an option for diners who are looking for a Saturday affair, or who just can't stand the idea of a potentially smoky bar. With only two brunches under its belt and a third soon on the way, chef Mario and sous chef Chris are wowing vegans and omnis alike with innovative vegetable and grain based dishes. While some brunch-seekers may shy away from the $21 prix fixee price tag, it should be noted that all items may be ordered a la carte! Guests are encouraged to come and stay a while - and it is most definitely a family affair.

With so many options, the vegan brunches in New Orleans provide something for everyone. Check each brunch's Facebook page for details on each week's menus. Hope to see you at one soon!

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