Vegan Brunch in Nola - On the endangered list?

Join us Sunday morning (10/9) for what is possibly the last O! Vegasm brunch at Grit's Bar.

According to the most recent event invitation sent by John Morales, the enigmatic frontman of the Nola-based vegan catering and baking company, due to issues in his home life he may have to discontinue the brunch. Those of us who have been stalwart weekly patrons will be eager to see whether the brunches do in fact continue, and if not what might take their place.

The weekly brunches, which have occurred at Grit's every Sunday throughout the summer, have become a center for community activity in Nola's veg community. Regulars have come to depend not only on a weekly fix of tofu benedict and pancakes, but also on the connections and conversations that keep projects moving forward. If the O! Vegasm brunch is in fact on the chopping block, something will need to take its place - and fast.

But Brunch will have its last hurrah, at least - so come and dine with us, for tomorrow we may... have to reorganize. ;)

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