Happy Vegan MoFo!

Happy Vegan MoFo 2011! Vegan MoFo - the Vegan Month of Food - is a great time of year, when bloggers all over the world take a month to post every day (or nearly so) about the wonders of vegan food. There are always tons of fab vegan blogs out there, but Vegan MoFo represents a terrific concentration of vegan food love! It's something you've just got to check out. Stop by the Vegan MoFo International Headquarters for a full listing of participating bloggers.

Sadly, this year NOiG isn't participating. (I just started working full time again people! A girl's gotta manage her time!) But we WILL be posting every day over on the Vegan Etsy Team blog, VeganEtsy.com. So check it out, and Happy MoFo! ;)

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