Is Hey! Cafe the next Vegan Mecca of New Orleans??

Great news for vegan grilled cheese lovers - Hey! Cafe has added a gourmet grilled cheeze sandwich to its repertoire, thus doubling its vegan sandwich options. It's made with Daiya - what else - and includes tomato and onion. (I of course order mine without the onion. That's just how I roll.) Pressed on a sandwich grill with multigrain bread (Rudi's, I hear), it's a crispy salty treat for all ages.

Was Hey! inspired by the Gourmet Grilled Cheeze served by John Morales and Paige Vann of O! Vegasm at the very first Vegan Drinks New Orleans just a few short weeks ago? Given the team's close relationship with the cafe, it seems likely. Though it must be noted that O! V's creation was made with a lovingly crafted and AMAZINGLY creamy home made cheeze. Goodness knows when I'll stop dreaming of it...

But the sandwich at Hey! is mighty fine. Chase it back with their ruby-colored sweet Hibiscus tea, and if you're feeling crazy treat yourself to one of O! Vegasm's pastries. As had been rumored, the selection has vastly increased in past weeks, with chocolate donuts, pink-coconut-covered snoballs, and a variety of delectable cupcakes making fleeting appearances before being devoured by the hungry masses.


  1. Hi there.. I will be going there this weekend - the sandwich sounds delicious. I have been vegan for about 6 months now and am desperately looking for a doctor in the NOLA area who specializes in veganism or has some understanding and approval of it. I was wondering if you knew of anyone or had any suggestions. Your help & time is greatly appreciated. My email is reptilianmomma@gmail.com
    Ivy :)

  2. Hi Ivy! You pose an intriguing question. Honestly I haven't found one yet. Are you part of the veg meetup group here? My best suggestion for you is to join the group and put the question out to our listserv.



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