Vegan! Pastries! at Hey! Cafe from O! Vegasm! Pardon me, I seem to have run out of exclaimation points...

There's a buzz going around vegan New Orleans: that the pastry case at Hey! Cafe will soon be much more exciting. The quirky coffee shop on Magazine Street has been carrying Chef John Morales' vegan cinnamon buns for some time, and vegans and omnis alike have coveted them as precious morsels. But of late, Morales (of O! Vegasm! fame) has been slaving away over a hot oven, and as usual the results are remarkable.

This week a genuine NYC Black & White Cookie made its debut on Hey!'s counter: the sample shipment sold out in two days. I hustled down there the moment I heard and bought two of them, of course. The verdict: that's a black & white cookie alright. For anyone who's spent time in New York (or watched too much Seinfeld), you understand that this is no ordinary cookie. It's more like a round bit of cake. It's a very difficult flavor and texture to match, but Morales has hit it dead on - a little taste of Brooklyn right there in the Garden District.

Bigger plans are in the works. For example: whole cakes (to serve slices from), Hostess "sno ball" style marshmallow coconut chocolate cake bombs, and that holiest of holy grails... VEGAN DONUTS. It's coming people. Get ready.


  1. Wait, there are vegan cinnamon rolls somewhere in this city?? I've actually never been to Hey Cafe. Do they usually have vegan stuff available? I live in the "burbs" so if I come into town, I want vegan goodies available :)

  2. Yes ma'am. They have John's cinnamon rolls on the regular - though be warned, they do sell out! So it's not a 100% guarantee. But from the sound of things (as described above), soon their offerings will be vastly expanded. So hopefully, in the near future, they'll always have lots of vegan goodies! Which would make me really happy, because I can walk there. :D

    You can also almost always get vegan cupcakes from KC's Babycakes at the Fair Grinds, just FYI. And Flora in the Marigny/Bywater sometimes has vegan cupcakes as well. Z'Otz and Mojo both carry vegan pastry from a mysterious man named Austin, but they're less consistent. ;)

  3. Whole vegan cakes would be awesome. Flying into NOLA for a mini-vacay for my dad's birthday in 2 weeks, so I can't make him a cake. Would be awesome to be able to buy one :)

  4. Hi Cody! I don't know that it's part of the plan to sell the cakes whole - rather I think they're planning to sell by the slice. But if you contact John directly you could probably work out a special order with him! You can find him on Facebook: facebook.com/ovegasm

    Enjoy your mini-vacation here in Nola - I hope my blog will help out! Let me know if you need any suggestions on bars or tips on how to get around town. :)


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