New Orleans Vegans are brunching again!

For the sixth week in a row, the vegans of New Orleans will gather at Grit's Bar tomorrow for O! Vegasm's delectable Sunday Brunch. John and Paige have consistently brought us heaping plates of pancakes, vegan benedicts, jambalaya, scones, biscuits, and so much more - each week is a surprise, and at this point we're all addicted.

This week the menu is set to include:
*Vegan Benedicts, second version:
Marinated tofu, fried tomato, and homemade sausage, stacked on a warm biscuit and topped with creamy garlic dill Hollandaise sauce

*Chick'n and Dumplings:
A rich herbaceous broth with carrots, peas, chick'n, and seasoned dumplings (when was the last time you had that?!)

*Cinnamon Roll Pancakes:
Served with Orange Agave Butter and, by request, our Pecan Praline Sauce!
I have to say, I am SUPER psyched about all three of these offerings... it wouldn't be the first time that I'm first in line when Paige starts dishing out plates. If you haven't been to brunch yet, what are you waiting for?

See you tomorrow. ;)

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