New Orleans Vegan Action in the (virtual) Press

New Orleans is fast on its way to becoming the next vegan hot spot, and the media is taking notice. We've got a few rockin' blogs around town, of course... ;) But above and beyond the community touting its own accomplishments, we're doing enough awesome work that it's become bona fide news.

The Gambit, for example, recently published a short online article on the opening of The Wandering Buddha. (I of course had covered this event the day before, but it's *possible* that the Gambit has more readers than my blog?) They had also been mentioned in the Gambit several days previously in a writeup of "Thrifty Feasts."

Then, just last night Examiner.com told the world about the vegan blogs of New Orleans. And not only that. Our numerous vegan projects were outlined and explored: Wandering Buddha, Vegan Drinks, O! Vegasm, the works. Friends, we're making it happen

To which I say, keep it up. Keep living the dream. Five years from now, no vegan will cringe at the idea of trying to find dinner in New Orleans. They'll all know that we've got food no other city even dreams of.

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