Go to Juan's! Eat the Spicy Vegan Island Tacos! NOW!!

Dear vegetarians and vegans of New Orleans, this is my call to you. For years we've practically been begging Juan's Flying Burrito to understand that vegans would just love to throw more business their way. But they make it kinda impossible, since we constantly have to be like, "oh, but can you leave off the cheese and the sour cream and the meat, and substitute avocado for the..." It *is* of course totally possible to have a good vegan meal there, but sheesh. Sometimes we'd just like to order off the menu, ya know? Why make it so hard?

WELL. They finally got the message - last month the Magazine Street store introduced the Spicy Vegan Island Tacos special, and they've been going strong ever since. Now, when they say spicy, they are seriously for really real. I order mine without the habanero salsa, because I am a huge spice wimp. The tacos stand alone just fine without: "Grilled Onions, Sweet Potatoes, Leaf Spinach, and Mango Salsa atop smashed Black Beans on Flour Tortillas with shredded Lettuce, sliced Avocados, and Cucumber". Umm... yeah! All that and then some.

And so, I implore you: visit good ol' Juan's. Order the vegan tacos. Tell your server how awesome they are, and how much you'd just love to see them on the permanant menu. BE SUPER NICE - this is crucial. And while you're at it, have a mojito... they're served in a pint glass. Happy Summer! ;)

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