Nola Veggie Fest! Cupcake Slinging! I, in the middle.

Yep, it's the Veggie Fest. Veg*ns! In New Orleans! Festing! It's what we call festival season here in New Orleans, and we have a festival for pretty much everything. Jazz, Bayous, Tomatoes, Greekness, and what of course I think is the best one of all... vegetableness! Woot. All manner of tablers, speakers, and fest goers will be present, really living up the joint.

I will be present and accounted for at this particular Veggie Fest on Sunday, helping my dear friend KC sling her amazing vegan cupcakes. In case you were at my vegan wedding last year, it was KC who made those delectable little cakelets that everyone went mad for.

So here's my official cheery pitch, and I mean it!!

That's right! It's time celebrate all things veg at the Nola Veggie Fest! This year the fest is at the Zeitgeist, an awesome multicultural and multidisciplinary event space, big enough for one and all to enjoy all that the fest has to offer. So come Saturday, come Sunday, come both days! Be there and/or be square!

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