365 Project Day 294: Beignet Bliss

Every now and then, Breads on Oak makes beignets. They make traditional beignets, along with cream filled donuts and candied donuts... and it is a thing of true glory.

Dough cut and ready for frying

The magic happening

The finished product: a vegan Pecan Praline Beignet!


365 Project Day 289: Sandwich Smorgasbord

Word on the street is that Hey! Cafe is now serving sandwiches made by Breads on Oak. What could be better?! Whether it's these older sandwiches or a new bunch from Breads, what's certain is that you can have a great lunch at this hip coffee joint.

An array of sandwiches at Hey! Cafe: Sunshine burger, Marinated tofu, and Grilled cheese


365 Project Day 288: Peanut Butter Beauties

These ultra-rich treats are one of Laurel Street's vegan offerings, and are a decadent treat for anyone who's not allergic.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ganache Bars from Laurel Street Bakery